Milkshop Mastering was born of this relentless pursuit of perfection in sound & music.
“Mastering always fascinated me. As a young artist I was rarely satisfied with quality of the master work I comissioned, because so much of the dynamics and warmth were lost in the process and I had trouble understanding why. When you’ve been working on an album to the point of complete exhaustion you really want that final production stage to complete - not alter your vision. So finding the right mastering studio became a very important step to me. From that point forward all of my music began to profit from mastering. I was consistently surprised at all the potential hiding in that final step."  
This is why you have your music mastered.  Thats why i started Milkshop Mastering. Get more info here.
Vlado Dzihan is founder and CEO of Milkshop Mastering, Vienna!